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     AIRA Radiant Tube              Heating (ATH)


AIRA Radiant Tube Heaters (ATH) use infrared energy to provide heat. Infrared energy is similar to visible light, radio waves and x-rays. It travels at the speed of light as energy and is reconstructed into heat only on direct contact with solid surfaces.

Infrared heating is very effective at heating people without the need to heat the ambient air. This is because it is unaffected by influences such as air temperatures, wind or humidity and can be easily focused or directed with reflectors.

The selectivity of infrared conversion into heat greatly benefits comfort heating and industrial processing because only the amount of heat actually required needs to be produced and it is easily directed to the precise location.

Radiant tube heating is suitable for factories, workshops, gymnasiums and cafe applications. Radiant tube heaters vary in length and are installed at height above the area requiring heat. It can also be fixed at an angle, on a wall or suspended and can be flued or unflued. There is no naked flame, the black ray tubing heats and reflects heat towards objects.

AIRA radiant tube heaters are available as single linear tube and U tube in a range of lengths and with aluminium or stainless steel reflectors. Ball guards can also be provided for protection for use in sports halls or gymnasiums.


  • Fresh air inlet kit

  • black bulb thermostat

  • variety of control options

  • Ball guards

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