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  Technical İnformation

  • 108.6% efficiency

  • 1:6 Modulation ratio

  • NOx Class 5

  • CE Certified

  • Up to 16pcs Cascade Connection

  • Aluminum Heat Exchanger

  • Low energy consumptions thanks to modulated working.

1,100 kW within single boiler - 17,600 kW within single panel

The first and only floor standing condensing boiler with aluminium and premix burner in all over Europe

Save energy with high modulating range and condensing technology.


  • Heat exchanger with aluminium-silicon alloy.

  • Metal fibrecoated stainless steel premix burner.

  • High efficiency premix burner technology provides optimum combustion efficiency throughout the entire modulation range.

  • Environmental friendly condensing technology.
    Alumax boilers provide class 6 NOx.

  • Up to 8:1 modulation ratio

  • 3°C - 5°C flue gas and boiler return water temperature differential provides high energy saving.

  • High efficiency even at high capacities. (Up to 108% at 50°C/30°C and 97.5% at 80°C/60°C)

  • Alumax boilers are compatible with building MODBUS automation systems.

  • Alumax boilers can be cascaded up to 16 boilers (1 master and up to 15 slave boilers)

  • MODBUS BMS Interface


  • Protective oxide coating on aluminium body provides excellent corrosion resistance and long life.

  • Heat transfer area is increased by pins located onthe interior surface of aluminium body. Pins are developed with high heat transfer technology and increases the heat transfer coefficient creating resistance to slow down high temperature flue gas as it passes through them. This efficiently transfers maximum heat to the water.

  • Thanks to the applied technology of the aluminium secions, higher boiler temperatures are transferred to the water with final flue gas temperature of 56°C to atmosphere. With this technology, high efficiency can be achieved with low emissions.


  • High operating water pressure safety of 600kPa pressure.

  • Automatic air vent.

  • Low water pressure safety checks the boiler water pressure continuously. If the pressure drops below 0.8 bar, the system will shut down automatically.

  • High temperature safety; if boiler water temperature exceeds 95°C, sensors will shut down the system to protect itself.

  • Flue gas temperature safety; this detects flue gas temperature with flue gas sensor. If flue temperature exceeds the limit, the system will shut down automatically.

  • Frost protection; if the boiler water temperature drops below 4°C the boiler will automatically heat the water to a temperature of 15°C to avoid frost risk to the boiler. (Note: Boiler electrical supply must be on and boiler must be in stand-by state for using this function.)

  • High and low voltage protection; boiler is protected against voltage fluctuation.

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