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Indirect Heating Cooling (IDC)


Indirect Heating Cooling (IDC) units operate using two incoming air streams to the system. Air stream one enters through wetted CELPAD pads cooling the air. The second airstream enters through a filter. The two air streams then pass through a high efficiency counterflow sensible heat exchanger. Here the filtered air is pre-cooled by the other air stream by up to 12°C. The benefit of this arrangement is that it provides cooled air via evaporation without increasing the humidity of the air flowing into the building. Evaporative cooling is significantly cheaper than DX coil air conditioning. In many cases the pre cooled air is sufficient to keep the space comfortable, however a DX coil air conditioner can be attached as a back up for more extrer conditions. Even if a DX coil system is running the pre-cooling of the air using this dry air evaporative cooling setup greatly decreases overall energy consumption and increases Green Star Ratings. 

 IDC units also contain gas fired heaters providing warm, filtered, fresh air into your space. The system is then able to provide year round comfort at a fraction of the cost of systems running on purely DX coil air conditioning.

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