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Radiators, Towel Warmers and Trench Heating


The clean way to heat your home

Hydronic heating is beautiful in it’s simplicity. The hydronic system simply heats water and moves it through sealed pipes to radiators throughout the home. The sealed system can also be used to heat towel rails, trench heaters, floor slabs and even domestic hot water supply.

Hydronic heating heats water at its source via super energy efficient gas hydronic boilers. Once used the water is returned to be reheated via a reticulating system. Panel radiators operate as ‘Heat Emitters’ in each room, pushing out natural radiant heat which spreads evenly. The radiators can be individually adjusted to provide ultimate comfort in each room, living areas can be warmer than bedrooms.

Unlike air forced central heating systems there are no airborne particles, providing a totally dust free and allergen free form of heating making it ideal for medical conditions such as asthma.

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