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   AIRA Gas Indirect Fired (Dravo)


AIRA manufactures and supplies a range of indirect fired heaters.

The SD/DU Gas Fired duct furnace. This heater has a stainless steel burner and is supplied with electronic ignition and On/Off or modulating flame control, complete with all fittings to comply with relevant codes for the installation of gas fired appliances. These heaters can be used internally or externally. These heaters can be coupled with energy recovery systems making them ideal for projects where energy efficiency is a premium. Typical uses are cinemas, factory workshops, warehouses, showrooms, Schools, swimming pools offices and large open spaces. This type of heating is often coupled with an evaporative cooler as a heating, ventilation and cooling (HCV) unit.

AIRA also manufactures an industrial fan version the LU, used for specific applications.


  • Internal or optional external instalation

  • Australian made

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger with 5 year warranty

  • On/Off, modulating or modulating with leaving air temp.

  • Range of control options

  • High temperature output

  • Optional fan blower

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