Super Ray Heater WMA/ WEA 

Super reliable infra-red heating for home or commercial outdoor entertainment areas
Enjoy consistent outdoor radiant heat and never run out of gas again!

Warm social gatherings The Super Ray outdoor system delivers the perfect solution when heating is required on a balcony, terrace, patio or any outdoor recreational area. Add warmth and comfort to formal or informal events: backyard barbeques, celebratory events, outdoor dinner parties at home, cafes, or restaurants. Super Ray heaters operate just like the sun, they are self-contained infra-red heaters that warm surfaces not the surrounding air, by emitting infra-red rays which gently warm everything they touch, including you just as the sun does.

(Model WGA)
Ball Guard Heavy Duty with Silver Zinc Aluminium Finish designed to protect heater from objects thrown or placed against it.

(Model WCA)
All Super-Ray heaters are available with an identical optional stainless steel deluxe outer case to provide a durable, attractive and decorative appearance when required.

(Model WBP)
Burner protector grid heavy duty stainless steel, designed to protect the burner face from objects thrown or placed against it. For full heater protection use WGA Ball Guard.

  • Permanent installation

  • Systems operate on natural gas or LPG

  • Free up valuable floor space

  • Safe to use in crowded areas

  • Ideal for outdoor undercover areas

  • Can be portable with the Flexi Ray, refer Specifications tab for more info

(Model WHA)
The Stainless Steel Heat Shield complete with thermal absorption mill board are designed to reduce the clearance required between the heater and a combustible ceiling surface.

Human skin is most receptive to infra-red heating. It is unaffected by influences such as air temperatures or movement and can be focused and directed with reflectors.

The selectivity of infra-red conversion into heat greatly benefits comfort heating and industrial processing because only the amount of heat actually required needs to be produced and it is easily directed to the precise location. In commercial use this allows selected indoor areas to be heated to comfort tlecel without raising the temperature away from that immediate position. This quality is unique to infra-red heating and can effect great saving in fuel costs. In commercial use this allows selected indoor areas to be heated to comfort level without raising the temperature away from that immediate position. 

Zone or broad heating is achieved by positioning specified numbers or combinations of heaters at appropriate heights and locations. This type of heating does not directly heat air, keeping the air fresh and invigorating. Objects and surfaces including furniture, floors and walls absorb and re-radiate warmth to further raise comfort levels. Air movement, over these heated objects, will raise the temperature of this air.